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Therapeutic effect

Since OPC cannot be produced by the human body itself, just like vitamin C, it also needs to be added with the food. It can be found in almost all plants in different concentrations, especially, however, in the respective skins and seeds. Since, however, these high-tech production processes are modulated, to a special degree additives are important for OPC. The manufacturing process for OPC according to Masquelier was patented in the USA in 1987.


OPC has a broad range of effects. While, in the late 70s and 80s, the direct of one's attention was more towards the vessel strengthening and heavily antioxidant effect, the OPC research is now much more advanced. Many clinical studies anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects of OPC.

Thereby it shows that OPC has selective multifunctional metabolic modulating features and unfolds its effect, due to its structure, in different target areas in the organism. This manifests itself on the one hand in the prevention and deceleration of negative body processes and on the other hand with a faster and more optimal flow of repair and healing processes.

Experts approximately suggest 20mg per 10kg body weight, while the dosage at certain discomforts could be much higher. As proved in numerous scientific studies, in order to treat


·        varix

·        retina disease

·        PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome)

·        sport injuries

·        inflammations

·        Allergies

·        cancer


300mg and more can be administered daily.

Which factors make OPC medically extremely effective?

1.     A fiftyfold higher antioxidant effect, compared to vitamin E and a twentyfold higher antioxidant effect compared to vitamin  (in vitro).

2.     Blockage of enzymes that lead to histamine development. Healing of allergies

3.     Overcoming the blood-brain barrier so that an effective protection is given towards impairment with free radicals for brain and spinal cord.

4.     The OPC eliminate and protect from lipofuscin accumulation in brain and heart.

5.     They tie themselves to collagen fibers and increase their elasticity and flexibility in muscles, tendons and fascia. They act as softeners of callous blood vessels and relax them.

6.     That's why OPCs lower hypertension

7.     They are strong, natural and by no means allergic acting free radical scavengers.

8.     They form a highly bioavailable bioflavanol complex with high absorbability and quick distribution in the entire body within a short amount of time.

9.     They support the effect of vitamin C by working together with glutathione and restore the oxidized vitamin C back into its active form.


OPC in capsule form should be taken 30 minutes before or after a meal, but if possible not with milk. The recommended daily dose as a dietary supplement lies between 80 and 100mg.

Research and studies

OPC is being researched systematically since the 50s of the last century. Meanwhile there are countless research works and clinical studies that proved the great effect of OPCs again and again. Western disease of civilization like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies and cancer can be positively influenced and even healed completely with OPCs. OPCs do not belong to unprecedented, exotic superfoods whose effects are partly only speculated about. No, OPCs are well researched and their effect is scientifically proven.


OPC is a universal healing substance. But the above mentioned effects can only be achieved with high quality compounds. Meanwhile there's a flood of products. A lot of them are produced in China. But also a lot of European OPC products flood the market. There are enormous quality differences in OPC products. In this context, please pay attention to the OPC-DOC product comparison.

Here again the most important facts:

·        Original recipe by Prof. Masquelier

·        Short-chained proanthocyanidins

·        Clinically tested

·        GMP quality

·        Ideally combined with natural vitamin C (at least 80mg per daily portion)

·        Free of annoying fillers and release agents (e.g. magnesium stearate)

Healing with OPC extracts

Medical effects