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There are many factors that determine how effective OPC is. Thereby, not only the amount of OPC content is crucial, but also the length of the molecule chains.


Quality Criteria

Of course the used raw material acts a crucial part of the OPC compounds. A simple grape seed flour and ground pine bark should be used by no means. Of course these are very cheap, but with compounds like this, you will definitely not have sustainable treatment success. Always choose OPC products with high quality extracts - the best are grape seed extracts and/or pine bark extracts.

Do not only choose any extracts, but only the ones that are extracted with the patented original procedure of the OPC discoverer Professor Masquelier

An OPC product only has the highest quality if the recipe and the manufacturing method comes personally from Professor Masquelier and the entire production process was mentored by him. These are the true and only premium products that achieve the therapeutic results that underlie the works of Professor Masquelier. 


The effectiveness of OPC depends on its high bioavailability. Bioavailability describes the rate in how quick the OPC agent is absorbed by the body and how much the body takes in from the ingested OPC.


There's a simple rule for that: The shorter the chain of the OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) the higher is the bioavailability and the stronger is the effectiveness of the OPC product.


The patented original manufacturing process of Professor Masquelier guarantees that an OPC product has a high degree of short-chained OPCs (dimeric to pentameric, which means two-parted or six-parted chains). Only this makes the high efficacy possible in the first place. Only a high amount of short-chained OPCs can create the therapeutic success of grape seep or pine bark extracts.


OPC extracts that were not produced according to the patented method of Professor Masquelier can highly differ from the features of the original and are not recommended due to varying molecule lengths.

Prof. Masquelier found something astounding in a study with guinea pigs: If you add ascorbic acid to OPC, the effect lengthens and intensifies the efficacy of it tenfold. So if you take 100 mg of vitamin C with a high quality OPC compound, it has the effect of 1000 mg ascorbic acid. One can therefore say that OPC is a congenial cofactor of ascorbic acid.


That's why a high quality OPC product definitely needs to contain vitamin c (ideally natural vitamin C)

Another quality criterion for an excellent OPC product is the absence of any excipient and extenders regarding the capsule filling and the casing. Additionally the capsule material should be vegan by all means.


Additives can have a disturbing effect on the synergetic effect of high quality OPC. That's why these substances should not be part of OPC products.


Avoiding fillers and flowing substances complicates the manufacturing process. The filling up process and the automation are slower. Manuel corrections are needed more often. This increases the manufacturing costs and therefor the final price. Everybody needs to decide himself if he's willing to pay more for optimal quality.

The manufacturing plant should be GMP certified by all means, if the user wants to make sure that the product meets the highest quality standards. Among others, the focus areas of GMP are requirements about hygiene, rooms, equipment, documentation and controls.


This quality factor tops off a perfect OPC product.

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5 factors for high quality OPC