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2nd place

French Glory Extra OPC

3rd place

Echt Vital OPC

Kavos Bio OPC

4th place


Based on our 5 Quality-Criteria

OPC-DOC Product Recommendation


Pinovinol OPC-Formel with vitamin C is the OPC-DOC product recommendation. Pinovinol meets all demanded quality criteria. The pine bark and grape seed extracts that it contains were developed personally by Prof. Masquelier.

The OPCs exist in a high short-chained amount, which leads one to expect a high therapeutic use. Pinovinol OPC-Formel contains natural vitamin C (acerola extract) and is produced in GMP quality.

There are no additives and fillers in the Pinovinol capsules. The capsules are vegan (cellulose) and without coating.

On top of that the pine bark and the grape seed extracts were tested successfully in clinical studies.

Pinovinol OPC- Formel is the perfect product for prophylaxis and an effective therapy.

The 2nd place goes to the American product French Glory OPC 150. French Glory is a powder for oral use.

Just as with Pinovinol, the pine bark and the grape seed extracts were clinically tested by Prof. Masquelier. It contains drastic short-chained OPCs, which leads one to expect a high bioavailability. French Glory contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), blueberry extract and citrus-bioflavanoid. French Glory is manufactured in the USA in GMP quality.

Unfortunately, however, it contains fillers and additives: Citric acid, maltrodextrin, fructose, silica, calcium sulfate and apple pectin. In our opinion, these fillers are redundant and partly even harmful.

That's why French Glory OPC 150 comes shortly after Pinovinol-OPC Formula on the 2nd place.

Echt Vital OPC is made from French grapes and is a good OPC product, but the raw material was not personally developed by prof. Masquelier. The OPC amount is declared as 200mg per capsule. There is no chromatic laboratory analysis, so that we cannot say how high the amount of short-chained OPCs is. That's why the bioavailability should be seen with reservation.

What's positive is the fact that there are no additives, just like it's the case with Pinovinol, and the capsule is made of cellulose and is vegan.

Kavos Bio OPC became test winner on www.vergleich.org/opc This is surprising to us due to the following reasons:


The Kavos grapes are from France, the OPC raw material, however, has been manufactured in China. Kavos also advertises with the wrong amount of a 95% OPC concentration.


Kavos OPC is almost the only product in organic quality. That's why this product made it in our list. It's also positive that there almost no additives (only the added grape seed ashes).

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